Did you know that cell towers are typically owned by independent parties from the service providers who actually just rent space at a cell site? Well, we do work for both. Rather than focusing on cell site development and complete turnkey operations, we like to keep our gaze concentrate on the development and extension of our customers’ sites. Often times cell tower owners need their antenna mounts modified or reconstructed to serve another rent space. We help major tower owners better serve their tenants with mount modifications that are safe and built specifically for the design of their antenna sectors and technology.


Telecommunications are perpetually changing, due to new discoveries in technology and the ongoing growth in demand for data. Every time there is a technology upgrade or a new demand for data in a certain area, cell carriers need someone to do the work installing the materials and technology necessary to provide the service their customers need. Our upgrades could include anything from antenna and radio installations to relocating or decommissioning current materials, replacing feed-lines, microwaves and other equipment, or making needed changes to existing grounding.


Like any infrastructure, a cell site requires ongoing maintenance to ensure its longevity. We work with both short and long-term contracts with customers to ensure the abiding safety and quality of their cell sites. Not only are we accomplished in keeping up regular maintenance on a variety our customers’ cell sites such as monopoles, guyed and self-support towers, flagpoles, water tanks, rooftops and more, but we also have sites where troubleshooting is needed. When something goes wrong on a site due to damage or faulty equipment, we have teams equipped and ready to come out and repair, test and restore all critical communications capabilities.

See the Sights

Here at Xcell Networks, we don’t mess around when it comes to getting the job done. That means, we are prepared to work on any telecommunications structure that comes along, whether it be something as simple as a one-story rooftop or as complex as a 600-foot guyed tower.

From monopoles to guyed, self-support, small cell, water towers, tree poles, rooftops, stealth towers of all sorts and many more types of cell sites, we’ve got the trucks and trailers to get us there, gin poles and boom trucks to get up the tower and the man-power to make great things happen. We do it all. And we’ve got the equipment to do so.

The Tools of the Trade

We use only the most premier equipment, both when doing work on site and when climbing the towers, all in complete compliance with OSHA standards. All of our tools, Azimuth readers, Anritsu, PIM Gear, Fiber Testers, Double-Drum Wenches, Gin Poles and other equipment, is of the newest technology.

That includes but is not limited to our Personal Protective Equipment, which we take very seriously. All of our protective equipment, blocks, slings, capstan hoists, ropes and other climbing gear, is up-to-date and continuously being modernized alongside OSHA’s standards.

The Tip of the Iceberg

We get all of our Tower Mounted Equipment and Ground Work Materials from reliable vendors with an established name in the telecommunications industry. From hardware to base station equipment, feedlines, weatherproofing materials, power supplies, accessories and everything in between, we guarantee the dependability of all our products.

Some of the Tower Mounted Equipment we use would include antennas, radios, microwaves, tower mounted amplifiers (TMAs), diplexers, combined over voltage protectors (COVPs) and more. Then all of that must connect through the jumpers, coax, fiber and hybrid cables that we also obtain through trustworthy vendors.

Where it all starts is in the grounding though, where we establish these connections. We take just as much precaution with our ground work as we do on the tower, using only the best products of cabinetry, wall boxes, frames, racks, modules, panels and more.

While it may look like a bunch of boxes and cords to many, to us it is the life source of the work we do. It is the life source of the wireless connection fueling the screen before you and the world around you.

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