Looking for a Career as a Tower Climber?

Are you seeking a job that pays well and offers amazing benefits? Maybe you’re looking for one that challenges you and feeds your adrenaline? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

As cellular data and wireless networks persist in multiplying across the nation, Xcell Networks plans to reflect that growth with an ongoing development of crews and employees. With over fifteen two to five-man crews currently operating in Texas, Arizona, Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee, we hope to continue in expanding our numbers and markets to their greatest capacity.

We Want You

Currently, Xcell Networks is adamantly seeking tower climbers in the Southwest Region of the U.S., ready for hire immediately. Applicants must be prepared to travel for extended periods of time to work on contracted projects in areas across the Midwest and others. Previous experience climbing is preferred but not required for consideration.

Candidates must be physically capable and willing to climb towers on average of 300 feet and assist in the construction and maintenance of various types of wireless cell sites. Any previous training will be considered a plus and additional training will be provided. Background checks and drug testing required. To apply, email your resume to one of our hiring staff below or click the link at the bottom of the page.

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Meet The Team

Our hiring team works day-in and day-out to find, interview, bring in and train the best tower climbers out there. Since our expansion, they have done work to develop enough crews to allow us movement into various new markets and territories. Along with taking the primary role in hiring, our team has also been successful in providing the training necessary to give many of our Tower Technicians and Top Hands the opportunity to be promoted to Foremen, Crew Leads and even Construction Managers

Eric Vollin

General Manager

(619) 300-7595


Craig McDonald

Finance Manager

(214) 232-1479


Carroll Neal


(318) 349-3524


Sabrina Arriazola

Safety Manager/Fleet/Recruitment

(972) 595-4755



William Powers

Project Manager

(602) 525-4947